Is produced and performed by the Italian couple Samantha Larible and Ernest Lov.
After creating the Duo Iouvilov, an original acrobatic adagio out of compare in the 1995, acclaimed by audiences across the world,
with ACROMAGICSHOW the Duo have conceived the essence of entertainment.
Everything has been studied down to the last detail from act to act, keeping the anergy, the harmony and dynamism in a unique show package
transforming every transition to a new dimension for the spectator and
with Samantha and Ernest’s long experience in performing they will guarantee that unique contact with public that makes a show successful.
ACROMAGICSHOW its the result of Samantha and Ernest artistic professionality and talent.

Both artists are regenerated by an explosive charge of enthusiasm, the spectator is literally overwhelmed by the breathtaking and powerfull
acrobatic lifts, contortion, stage visual effects, irresistible magic comedy and poetic illusion and most of all by the magical atmosphere espressed
with exquisite charm and authenticity.

ACROMAGICSHOW is a show performed by incredible artists that will make your event a special one.

With Samantha and Ernest’s ACROMAGICSHOW you can choice from one single act of 4 minutes, to a combination of more acts with a duration of
15 to 25 minutes, or a full production show of 45 minutes non stop.
Without a need of others performers the Duo will present a full show package that will bring on stage an act after the other.
The results is an unforgettable blend of different type of permorming arts and discipline amongs acrobatics, contortion, aerial act and magic,
introduced with elegance and special effects in a perfect peformance.

With a carefull resourch of music, sound effects, original designed costumes and with choreography for each single act, the Duo
are always on the top of the list of HIGHT-CLASS PERFOMERS IN THE INDUSTRY.

Samantha and Ernest’s


the perfect Duo and the perfect Show for all your events.